“Lo” is Good


My husband always finds it funny that we spend hours baking and preparing treats for the holidays. We spend time eating all those sweet treats…usually to excess. Then suddenly it is January and we are all worried about the holiday pounds that have appeared out of nowhere….(well maybe out of our fridge and into our mouth).

Today I figured I would check out the scale so that I might either be impressed to keep it off or depressed to take some weight off. (Like that is going to happen these next few weeks!!)

When I stepped on the scale I was pleasantly surprised. The only thing it told me was “Lo”. I have decided this scale is a wonderful scale. I did go purchase new batteries for it, but part of me really wants to just leave the old ones in till after the holidays have come and gone.

You have no idea how good it is for your esteem to find your scale telling you your weight is “Lo”. At least I thought it was great.

This past weekend we attended grandparents’ day at my grandson’s school. As we were standing in line with my grandson I overheard the best conversation ever. Two fellow first graders were looking at a drawing one of them had done. The drawing resembled and apple with a head; and a couple sticks coming out of it. The conversation kind of went as follows:

1st boy: “What is that?”
2nd boy: “My grandma.”
1st boy: “hahahahaha…..your grandma?”
2nd boy: “Yea….she’s fat.”  (this was said very matter of factly)

I love that little boy. It did not seem to matter to him if his grandma resembled an apple. It was a great reminder that children see with eyes of love and that is a great lesson for us all.

That child looked deeper than his grandma’s shape. He looked at the love they shared for each other and the beauty of that love.

That being said……I really don’t want my grandson drawing me as an apple shape!  I think it is time to go put those batteries in that scale…..

I’m in shape….
round is a shape.

My favorite exercise
is a cross between a lunge and a crunch….
I call it lunch.




23 thoughts on ““Lo” is Good

  1. oneta hayes says:

    Hilarious! I identify with the charming way children tell it like it is. My granddaughter one time said, “Grandma, you’ve got old skin; I have new skin, smell it.” Oh, my. I almost lived in the shower til the wound was healed! Understanding much – from your apple-shaped friend!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Oh my word Oneta!! I can just hear my grandson say something like that to me about my skin lol. I am not sure if the little boy’s grandma ever saw the drawing or not but it really made me laugh at how honest and matter of fact he was. There was no judgement in his statement at all.

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  2. bcparkison says:

    Aren’t grandparents days fun.? What did the lo mean. low battery or load? I don’t like to think about weight…..can we just have chocolate instead.
    You must be feeling some better. I hope so. How are the girls handling the cold.?

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Grandparent days are the best! I had a tough time breathing trying to hold my laughter in as those little boys were talking!
      The Lo meant low battery but I kind of liked that instead of the numbers!!
      I have finally recuperated from last weekend. Spent Monday and Tuesday feeling tired and dizzy. Slowly getting back to where I was but it was so worth it to have that weekend.
      The girls are doing great with the cold and finally laying eggs. (they are the new ones). I did lose one to either a hawk or a coyote. I am not really sure. She just disappeared one day.

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  3. atimetoshare.me says:

    I LOVE THIS! Kids can be the most direct and honest individuals to inhabit the earth. I remember once when I was running a children’s theatre camp and the kids were on a break. They were all rolling down the nicely manicured hill outside. I decided to join them. Talk about a funny sight. One of the kids saw me, dressed in my blue camp shirt, and screamed, “What’s that big, blue fat thing rolling down the hill?” I was slightly embarrassed, but I got over it.

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  4. jennymarie4 says:

    This is great!! Out of the mouths of babes 🙂 I love that your scale says Lo. I might keep it that way through the holidays, haha. But I’m enjoying the season, with all it’s glorious goodies! Merry Christmas Faye! xo

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  5. ruthsoaper says:

    I LOVE your scale, Faye. Recently at a family event my sister announced that she lost 80 lbs and her husband had lost over 100 lbs according to their scale. The whole family decided they wanted to use her scale. I though she might want to charge a nominal fee and we decided she should sell baked goods as well. LOL.

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