Life Is Like Shoveling Snow


Due to snowfalls the last couple days I am, once again, at my winter task of scooping trails to the chicken coop. I also scoop a trail to the little open front shed where the girls like to sit in the sun and take their dust baths.

I can tell I am not getting any younger by the way my back feels while I am scooping! I am also realizing that you might scoop a path once, but that doesn’t mean it is going to stay open.

I scooped those same trails yesterday morning….then it snowed some more. I scooped those paths last night and then it snowed and blew some more. Soooo….this morning I was once again scooping those same trails.

As I was scooping, it occurred to me that this scooping of trails is much like relationships and life. It takes a lot time and a lot of work to keep the pathways open and free of snow/junk. There is a satisfaction in knowing that the work does have it’s rewards….on both counts…snow removal and relationships.

While scooping I looked behind me and realized that my path was not always staying cleared. The “walls” of my path crumbled in places, clods of snow ended up in the middle of my trail and sometimes the scoopful of snow I tossed to the side ended up blowing right back where it came from. Yes… much like life.

I decided it was okay to not have a spotless path. I have a feeling that sometimes the “snow clods” in our way help build a little character. I also discovered that once that trail is cleared, you still need to walk carefully.

Yesterday after clearing a way; I fearlessly walked back down that trail to bring feed to the girls. On the way, my foot found a patch of ice hidden under a fluffy layer of snow. I did not face plant or smack to the ground. I did, however, slide gracefully (as gracefully as a 61 year old, overweight woman can slide) to the ground.

There I lay in a snowbank….after assessing if I had damaged anything (I had not) I had to grin. I was grateful my bucket only contained feed and not water! Thinking back I should have probably gone ahead and made a snow angel but the thought did not occur to me at the time.

The main thought that occurred to me was that at my next physical; how was I going to answer the question about falling in the last 3 months? (At a certain age they start to ask you that question!) Do I qualify a “sliding somewhat gracefully to the ground” as falling? Hmmmm, not sure on that one.

I pray you find blessing in the week ahead. I pray you find fulfillment in shoveling and building relationships with family, friends and God. The work is not always easy, there will be pain, you will either slide or smack to the ground at times…but the end result is worth it. It may not be perfect …..but that is okay too. May you find joy in the process.


Snow shoveling……
it’s challenging but not impossible.
You have all the skills and the tools you need.
You know you’ll have to work hard,
but in most cases,
heart permitting,
you know you’ll get the job done.
Tom Terez



41 thoughts on “Life Is Like Shoveling Snow

  1. Beth Polacek says:

    I really love the way you put this. Life is very much like our daily chores. You continue to need to do them to get anywhere in this life. God has blessed us with many joys and I think we find more joys in the little things the older we get. Very well said..

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  2. George says:

    Well, I’m glad you weren’t hurt and could laugh about. That’s quite a path you scooped out. I hope you don’t fall again so just rest in the snow for a few minutes and, make those snow angels….:)

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  3. lindasschaub says:

    I wouldn’t even share that little tidbit at the physical Faye. After all, you were just showing the girls how to get into the snow to make snow angels, that’s it. I hate the ice and snow … it’s that glare ice that is so scary, it hides under the snow or disguises itself somehow. We had such bad ice today I could not open the screen door – treacherous driving and many slip-and-falls and people at the E.R. with broken bones and head injuries. You were lucky – you had enough medical drama last year!

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  4. Anne Mehrling says:

    I’m so glad you weren’t hurt. I miss shoveling snow. Long Island snow generally didn’t last a whole day unless it was a blizzard. I heard all the warnings to men about being careful while shoveling, so I went out with John. I wanted to be there to help him if he needed it, and shoveling was very good exercise. We didn’t have to keep doing it day after day.

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  5. susieshy45 says:

    Thank God you are ok. Prayers going up this second. Know that there are people praying for you each day around you and from afar.
    The girls were probably applauding you- after days of being cooped up, they probably thought you are providing some much needed entertainment. If they could they might have joined in throwing some snow pellets on each other and you and joining in the skiing fun. Skiing on feather must be fun, right Faye ?
    I love your thoughts on relationships and paths drawn to them, multiple times, sometimes an entire lifetime. The Lord taught us 70*7 meaning there are 70*7 times paths can be drawn from one human being to another. ( or more). Most of the time it is the relationships with close friends or close family that one has to work so much on, clearing misunderstandings and the muck till one day, both start trusting each other again. My mother in law and me- it has been 26 years, and still there is only a faint path between us. There are so many misunderstandings that cloud the path. Sometimes I despair, often I don’t want to try anymore but I am thrown into that sphere of work umpteen times a year. It is a work in progress.
    You do give the most thoughtful life lessons- almost like a sunday sermon- of years gone by.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I wonder if the girls were a little startled and wondered what in the world I was doing on the ground LOL.
      It is hard when there are relationships that don’t seem to work. It is hard to know what to do. I have found that praying for that person maybe doesn’t “fix” the problem…but it fixes my attitude because it is hard to stay upset with them when you are praying for them and for yourself. I will be praying for that Susie! Yes…..I have a feeling we will be a work in progress until the day we see Jesus face to face.

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  6. tinaor says:

    Oops – a missed opportunity not making a snow angel! Your chicks are lucky to have you make them a path, well done. Snowshovelling is like doing the housework – the mess in the home always comes back – but at least the snow isn’t all year round!

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  7. Al says:

    Falling has been my greatest fear for years, as I’m sure it is for most seniors. I guess the moral of this is if you’re going to fall, do it during a winter snow with lots of clothes on and a soft bank of snow to cushion the shock. Hope those chickens appreciate what a dedicated caretaker they have!

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  8. Ame says:

    The main thought that occurred to me was that at my next physical; how was I going to answer the question about falling in the last 3 months? (At a certain age they start to ask you that question!) Do I qualify a “sliding somewhat gracefully to the ground” as falling? Hmmmm, not sure on that one.


    isn’t it funny what we think about at certain times?

    i love your post … i don’t want it to be true, but it is … so very much true. beautiful words 🙂

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  9. Julie says:

    I always enjoy your views on everyday aspects of life! I have been a silent reader of your blog so it is about time I tell you how often I start my week looking for a blog post from you.

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