The Farmer


Last week, one day,  I was sitting on the porch, drinking my morning tea, watching my husband till the bottom field. It was a beautiful morning….sunny, warm  and to early for the pesky gnats to be out.

As I was sitting there, in the quiet of the morning, with only the tractor humming in the distance; I had time to sit and think.

There is a beauty to the tilling of the earth. The debris left from last years’ harvest is disked under to become food for the next harvest. Black dirt is made ready for the seeds that will be planted and then grow to produce an abundant harvest.

Our lives are much like that pattern of the seasons. There are times when they look messy, dirty and unkempt. “Stuff” just lays there…seeming useless and ugly. “Stuff” just looks to be worthless and spent.

One day the Farmer decides it is time to till the field of our lives. He tills and rips through our mess…sometimes painfully tills. Our lives are transformed into beautiful productive fields…ready to accept the seeds of goodness and faithfulness.

We may not always be grateful…at least I am not, at the time when the mess is being cleaned up and ripped through. Looking back, it does make sense to turn things upside down to get to the beauty within.  It makes us who we are….it makes us productive and ready to be used.

I am so grateful the Farmer doesn’t leave me as I am. I am grateful He loves me enough to dig through the mess because He sees what lies underneath. He sees the possible…the potential…the worth.

If life finds you in the mess of what has gone before…take heart. The Farmer will not leave you there. If you are willing He will dig to get to the beauty that is within.

If life finds you in the middle of a rainy season, a drought, or some place you don’t want to be…give it time. The sunny days will be back, the warm breeze will be soft on your skin and there will be time to sit and enjoy the reality of where you are.

“Sometimes it is hard
to give up the dream,
for the better reality
that God has in store.”
Faye aka Chicken Grandma


22 thoughts on “The Farmer

  1. Maureen Helen says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful meditation, Faye. I had been thinking about the current messes in my life, and thinking how late it is, and you and your faith have made a difference, reframed my thinking.. God bless you.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I am so glad it hit you just right Lisa. It is always amazing to me how God plans these things. I had pretty much put this post together last week but for some reason did not get it out till today. It was also a good reminder for me!

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  2. oneta hayes says:

    Great post, Faye. I also have experienced the work of the Farmer. I’m so glad he didn’t give me up to grow what was available to me without His resources. Oh the pain of the plow! But the pain is only as deep and long as I fight it. Thank you.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I laughed out loud Al, when I read your comment. It just hit me funny.
      The beauty of paving your fields and breaking plows is that there are always other fields and more equipment to be had :). Our equipment is pretty old and tends to break….trust me on this… is never dead as long as you can rig a part to fix it.

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