Lessons from Caterpillars and Geese


A Butterfly in the Making

The other day my husband asked if I was busy. I was, but when he has something he wants to show me it is usually pretty good. I put my boots on, as I was not sure where we would be heading.

We headed for the river, which is not that far from our house. He had spotted some milkweeds that morning and discovered there were three monarch caterpillars on them.

That might not seem like a big deal to some people; but for us it was. We have noticed there are not as many monarch butterflies around as there used to be and spotting those caterpillars just made our day.


A family of Canadian geese

As we were standing there watching them hungrily devour the milkweed leaves I glanced at the opposite shore of the river. There was an entire family of Canadian Geese quietly floating along the bank.

We were not sure if it was mom or dad at the front but they were at each end of their brood of goslings. I headed back to the house to grab the camera so I could snap some pictures of both wonderful things.

It was so much fun to stand and watch the display of wildlife in that small area. It was a marvel to know those caterpillars would end up as a chrysalis and be beautiful butterflies this summer.

It was something to see the care that the parents of those gosling were taking with their young. They were so graceful as they glided along the riverbank to hide under an overhanging tree.

I often wonder if God knew we would need these things in nature to ground us and leave us standing in wonder at how it all works. It takes us back to the basic things…the wonder of being a child and seeing new life around us.

The metamorphisis of catepillars into butterflies let’s us know that just because we are in a certain spot in this life….it might not always be this way. Things that seem ordinary can turn into something beautiful.

Seeing that family of geese reminds me how much we are cared for by the Creator of this world. If He cares enough to give such good parents to those goslings…how much more He cares for us!

I love finding the lesson that is waiting for us just outside our doors and windows. I love seeing how our life seems to reflect what is happening in creation. Let’s spend the rest of this week opening our eyes and our hearts to the lessons around us.

In every walk with nature
one receives far more than he seeks.
John Muir

Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/john_muir_108391



27 thoughts on “Lessons from Caterpillars and Geese

  1. susieshy45 says:

    Glad you both love to watch butterflies. In our countries I hadn’t seen a butterfly for the past 14 years. This year I did see at least one on many days. Butterflies are one of the marvels of nature and I hope they are around for a long time to come.

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  2. Peggy Rout says:

    Often my husband runs in the house and wants me to view some lovely scene in nature. I often get some great pictures too. I am sure God puts all these wonderful things on earth for us to enjoy – and they thrill me. Thanks for this great post. My daughter and I both grow milkweed in our yard and the Monarch caterpillars are on our milkweed. There are many lessons that nature can teach us – if we but think about them.

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  3. bcparkison says:

    Oh these things just make life so much fun. What a wonderful surprise ,two to the count, and just knowing there is more out there to discover makes Gods world really,really special. Thank you Faye for sharing. I love butterflies and Canadian Geese are just the best teachers for family life.

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  4. Jessica says:

    Ohhhhh!! That family is so beautiful!! Look at them all! At the lake down the road here, there’s a small geese family. Love seeing them swim! Congratulations on the monarchs!! That is a gift!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Like I told Jessica…I was very tempted to nab one or two of those caterpillars and put them in a large jar with milkweed leaves so I could watch the process. We used to do that all the time as kids and it was absolutely amazing. Makes me wonder how God thought of all those little details for us to marvel over.

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  5. Timelesslady says:

    Terrific post. I think monarchs fare pretty well in the wild because of the milkweed they eat. Doesn’t it make them poisonous to predators? I hope so. Monarchs always seem to capture the sunshine. The geese are beautiful too. I love the time of gosling hatching in our area.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Yes I am pretty sure the milkweed make them poisonous. I know the birds do not eat the monarchs either for that reason. I was told birds do not eat the Viceroy butterflies either because their coloring is so similar to monarchs.

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  6. Margy says:

    I’d be really excited about the caterpillar too! The Canada Geese? Not so much. Around here, they are about as welcome in public parks as rats would be.
    Every spring a pair of Geese land on the big rock in the middle of the seasonal swampy place behind our property. They chat back and forth like a pair of realtors deciding how big a fee they can charge you and still get the listing. The never stay, fortunately. They have the good sense to know that a small mosquito infested swampy place is not likely going to last long enough to raise a family.

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