Learning Something New


This past week my husband and I learned something new. I should also mention we did not look incredibly intelligent learning this new thing.

On our way to a family gathering, we made a quick pit stop at the local Walmart to pick up a pool skimmer I had ordered online. We made our way to the Customer Service department and showed them the email I had received.

The gal at the service department asked if we had gone to the Pickup Tower. We answered that we had not; and asked where we could find this pickup tower. She pointed to the right and told us to look for the big orange tower.

Needless to say…..I am thinking my husband and I should have our eyes checked. The Pickup Tower was HUGE and had bright orange letters that boldly stated what it was. I have no idea how we missed seeing something that big and bright.

We made our way to this tower and saw a screen with instructions. It told us to scan the bar code sent in the email. We did so and had success when the next instructions told us to reach in the locker and pick up the package and make sure to shut the door when done.

My husband and I looked at each other and wandered around that big orange tower looking for an open locker door. We were greeted by smooth, metal, orange walls….no open door.

My husband then went in search of an employee. When he came back with one, she very calmly gestured to our left and said our package was in locker number 5….yes….the door was open.

Somehow we missed this entire wall of lockers to the left of the tower. I have no explanation other than we were focused on this big tower. I told the employee they should have cameras installed to video people like us…..they could win a lot of money on some candid camera type show.

We did run into a gal from our church and we asked her if she knew about the tower and the lockers. We felt a lot better when she had no clue either!

We spent the rest of our car trip to the gathering, laughing at ourselves. We also decided that old dogs could learn new tricks!  I messed up and did not get a photo of the amazing orange tower; so the picture you get, is of my pool (yes it is a pool—-kind of like an adult wading pool)….because without that pool we never would have learned this new thing!

I am going to try be very conscious of my surroundings the next time I need to venture into an unfamiliar situation. It will probably be good to make sure my eyes are wide open and I check up, down and all around. I don’t have an issue asking questions but I really do not like looking any stupider than I have too! I can do that easy enough….obviously.

It is probably good to have things like this happen….they do tend to keep a person humble…at least they keep my pride in check.  These situations also are good for a great laugh…..if you don’t mind laughing at yourself.

May you have interesting things happen to you this week. Take time to appreciate the humor in an odd situation and always remember……you are never to old to learn something new! And one more thing….Please…please share your experiences!

“Sometimes the best hiding place
is the one that’s in plain sight.”
~ Stephenie Meyer



33 thoughts on “Learning Something New

  1. Margy says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the pick up tower.
    There are very few self-check out tills in any store between ‘here’ and ‘there’ that we haven’t had to ask for help to use. Every one of them is a bit different than the last… kind of like hand washing stations and toilet flushing mechanisms in public facilities.
    Life just keeps getting more complicated…

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  2. Linda K says:

    I missed the big orange tower too. I went to the back to collect my package but I had a nice employee that took pity on me and went to the front and just got it out for me. Guess she thought I looked too dumb to learn. Now I am scared to place an order cause next time I might have to do it myself🤪 I did continue to receive emails though from them that if I didn’t come get my package in X number of days they would return my item. It wasn’t too much of a threat since my package was already opened up at a birthday party. Guess they can make mistakes too.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I had to laugh because Marvella from our church didn’t even notice the big orange tower either! I will say the employees were very nice and helpful….they did not laugh at us to our face. I have no idea what happened after LOL.


  3. jennymarie4 says:

    It’s great (and important, I think) to be able to laugh at yourself! How funny, I was giggling as I read this. And there’s that adult wading pool you mentioned on my post! That looks wonderfully inviting, placed in such a gorgeous location. Enjoy it! And now you’re a pro at the orange tower and lockers, lol!

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  4. peggyjoan42 says:

    Thanks for the laugh Faye. I am not laughing at you – I know nothing about the big orange tower either. I like the old ways of doing things – guess we older folks have to spend the rest of our lives dealing with unfamiliar changes. Never feel stupid – just ask questions and learn. HaHa

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  5. Ray V. says:

    That is kind of funny, but also is an example of what life is like for us mature folks. Even though we are trying to adapt, we still automatically revert to our embedded filters to help us analyze what is before us, often resulting in comical outcomes which leave us scratching our heads.

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  6. Al says:

    This order for pickup stuff is weird. I did that at Office Depot. When I got there I went to customer service. They told me where the pick-up kiosk was. I went there and it was a bunch of boxes with various purchased items. I found my package with my name on it, a small item, picked it up and left. There was no one around. I could have taken the most expensive thing in the kiosk and walked out.

    Thank goodness I didn’t have to deal with an orange tower. That would have scared me.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I will say the tower method is pretty secure unless someone has hacked your email. I just could not believe that my husband and I both missed seeing this big orange thing. Next time we will know. My luck they will change the procedure by the next time I order!

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  7. bcparkison says:

    Troy always said I must wear blinders for I miss alot of things right under me. Cute storybut please go back a take a picture. I have never heard of the tower either but then we are kinda slow down here.

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  8. Anne Mehrling says:

    What a story! I would have wandered around with you, totally clueless. I’m still trying to get up the courage to check myself out at Walmart. So far, I’ve had a daughter or a grandson to hold my hand while starting the process. I can handle the scanning and paying.

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  9. susieshy45 says:

    I am here. I will send you an email from my new email. I could not help laughing because I could see myself there and doing the same. Recently I bought hot chocolate from Dunkin Doughnuts and didn’t know how to drink it. Finally I opened the lid and drank from the rim. I was sure that wasn’t how normal folks did it. The next time I went there, I asked the girl, how are we expected to drink from this cup and she lifted a small thingy on the side and said that is your sipper. It happens, Faye, almost always and everyday I learn something new. I am sure God sitting in heaven is laughing at our antics and shaking his head. When will they learn?

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Your hot chocolate dilemma made me laugh! I have been known to try going through doors by pulling them rather than pushing them.
      I have not yet checked email as we were gone this past 8 days on vacation! I will head over there to check it.

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  10. MrsCraft says:

    Your adventure made me smile, it’s the kind of thing I would do. It reminds me of when I go on a course for work and the first challenge is to work out how to get hot water from the tea urn! What a way to look daft in front of people you don’t know, and I do it every time.

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