Someday Just Might Be Today


There is an old song by CCR (Credence Clearwater Revival) titled “Someday Never Comes”.  It might be true for the lyrics in that song but I have found that Someday is Today!

I am going to back up a bit….well a long bit. When we first moved here about 15 years ago we had sheep in our back yard. Yes, you read that right…sheep. It was hard packed dirt and when you slept with the windows open at night the sheep were right by the window.

We decided we should probably have a back yard, so the sheep got penned in somewhere else and my husband chewed up that hard earth and we planted grass seed. That first crop of grass was promptly eaten by a small flock of chickens.

We went back to the farm store and purchased some more grass seed. The seed was planted and it did not take long and those same chickens had once again cleared it off as it came up.

At that point my husband decided we would seed it one more time and if they ate it again he was done….no grass….no backyard.  I petitioned for a fence to keep the girls out.

We put up a fence quickly, as we figured, someday we would do it right. Someday we would make it nice and straight and put a gate in that actually swung easily and wasn’t just wired to the fence.

This time the grass grew as it was protected by our temporary fence. The years kind of slid past, as they tend to do, and temporary was starting to look kind of permanent.

This past spring my husband purchased a very nice garden gate at a farm consignment auction with the intention that someday we would put that in when we redid that piece of backyard fence.

The somedays seemed to go past and this week my husband decided that someday had arrived! Yesterday the gate was put in with cement around the poles to make it sturdy. Today we redid the piece of fence that attaches to the garden gate and goes to the chicken coop.

To say I am excited about it is a bit of an understatement. I am excited to have a fence that is straight and stands firm. I am excited to have a gate that will latch and swings easily in both directions. (It is amazing what using the correct hardware will do for a garden gate!)

I love the look of the old gate and the old fence. The fence was some that used to go around the front yard when we bought this place many years ago. I have a feeling that piece of fence could tell a lot of stories about the children it kept in and the critters it kept out. (Probably chickens!)

There is probably a lesson in here somewhere. It probably has to do with being patient and how that is a virtue or something like that. I must confess I did not feel virtuous. I just kind of got used to the wobbly fence and less than stellar gate set up.

There is probably a lesson in that somewhere too!  It probably is a lesson that we should not get so complacent when things are not as they should be. Maybe we should work a bit harder to make them right. This is true with fences as well as things like relationships and other things needing to be straightened out.

Whatever the lesson. I am just happy that someday did come to our farm! May your someday show up soon and may it leave you as excited as my someday did for me.

One day,
you’re 17 and you’re planning for someday.
And then quietly,
without you ever really noticing,
someday is today.
And then someday is yesterday.
And this is your life.

John Green


34 thoughts on “Someday Just Might Be Today

  1. bcparkison says:

    What a smart looking fence and gate. The girls are probably as proud as you are . Some days do finely come some times.
    My late husband really enjoyed building fence. Of course the ones around the fields were always more important than a yard fence but sometimes that was needed to keep livestock where they belonged instead of on the front porch.
    Yea for Lars getting the some day into the now.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I totally understand about the farm stuff coming first. I think that is why I was excited when my farmer decided it was time to put that gate in the ground. I have a feeling he figured that soon he would be in the field and then it would be snow so the time was right.

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  2. beaconsoflife says:

    My sister had goats and one time I let them out of their fenced in area by accident. They had left to go to her oldest son’s dress rehearsal and dinner. My Dad, stepmother, my husband, and I tried everything to coax them to get them back in their fenced area. They didn’t budge. My sister got back and her daughter took a bale of hay, threw it in the fenced area, and they all went back in. If I had only known…

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      This made me really laugh! When we had sheep we soon learned you could not chase sheep….you had to lead them and a bucket of feed always worked. You did have to walk really fast with that bucket, though, as those sheep kept sticking their heads in it for that first taste of feed.


  3. Jessica says:

    Happy for you!! Love that you think of the old fence’s life and stories. That’s funny about the sheep, too. I suppose there’s a lesson in there as well. The Max Lucado books mention how humans are like sheep. It’s in “Traveling Light” I think. ❤️

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  4. peggyjoan42 says:

    Cute post Faye. The extra hot weather in this area has kept several somedays away. Ha It is exciting when someday comes and a job you planned for years is finally done and it looks good. Ha Chickens can definitely destroy a lawn. There is a lesson in everything we do – sometimes we are too tired to figure it out. Liked the quote by John Green.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I really liked that John Green quote to. It is just so true…a day at a time and someday has passed by.
      Yes chickens are a weapon of lawn destruction. It is amazing to me how a small animal can do so much damage if they are in the wrong place.

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      • peggyjoan42 says:

        My daughter keeps her chickens contained so she can enjoy her yard and garden without them scratching everything up. We use to have about 25 or 30 Rhode Island Red chickens, but with our 20 acres they were in the woods more than the yard and the yard managed to survive.

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  5. Al says:

    This ignorant city-slicker didn’t even know that chickens ate grass! I thought they were pecking for bugs and seeds. Also thought chicken fences were to keep predators out, not chickens in. It’s no wonder I failed Farmyard 101 in school!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      LOL AL. Chickens love the new little tender shoots. I actually bag grass when I mow the lawn and then lay it on a cement slab to dry so we can grind it in their feed for the winter.
      The fence is all perspective….keeping things in or out. My backyard is my one place that is a chicken free zone…usually. One place I can walk barefoot in safety. I also have the garden in the backyard so the girls don’t eat every tomato as they ripen.
      Maybe they make a book on Farmyard 101????


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