A Lesson In Hope

I spoke with a friend last week. There is nothing unusual in that because I tend to speak directly, or through texts with friends everyday. What was unusual was the news she told me.

A friend of hers has been diagnosed with cancer….incurable….inoperable. I know this friend of hers. This friend posted on Facebook and I was blown away at the words she wrote. They were words that acknowledged pain, wondered about the unknown, and her words were fearless.

Her words were HOPE. Not hope in the days spent on earth. Not hope in the friendships. Not hope in the things of this world….but hope in the One who orchestrates our days. They were words of a life to be lived while still alive.

The past week has been a time of news that is not good to our way of thinking. Too many friends, relatives and acquaintances with diagnosis of illnesses that are going to be a challenge and going to bring pain to them and those around them. It has been a week of hearing about family issues that hurt. It had just been one of those weeks.

The news makes us want to ask “Why?” Years ago I had an aunt who answered that question with “Why not me?” It was a perspective shift for me. It is a question I try ask when life seems to pick me up and toss me around like an amusement park ride.

I don’t know the answer to either of those questions. What I do know is that hope sustains…hope comforts….and hope never disappoints when your hope is in the One who created you.

Hope gives you the ability to put one foot in front of the other when the way is dark. It sustains through physical, mental, and spiritual anguish.

And so I will watch these people that I know…these people I love…these friends, acquaintances and relatives who make this journey. I am in awe of their faith. I am in awe of the way they handle these days and the thought of the days to come.

They are an inspiration….they are a witness. They have Hope with a capital H because God…..God in the dark and God in the light. He shines and because they have hope they reflect the shine and I stand in awe.

Yes….life is hard and sometimes feels like an amusement park ride that will not let you get off. But Hope……..


Hope is being able to see
that there is light despite all of the darkness.
Desmond Tutu


14 thoughts on “A Lesson In Hope

  1. peggyjoan42 says:

    Beautiful post Faye. I have had many friends who faced serious challenges in life with Hope and looking toward God for that promise of eternal life. My favorite church song is “This World Is Not My Home” – I’m just a passing through – my treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue.me. Hugs and love to you and your dear friends Faye

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  2. rabbitpatchdiary.com says:

    Faye I will pray for your loved ones-God knows who they are. There is a lot of inspiration here, but also sadness, We are human and just wish everyone was fine and well. It is so complicated, for we know God is so big-more than we can dream, yet we cry and mourn at the same time. I had a time like this last year and remember well the conflicting feelings. May the Grace of our Father cover all. love Michele

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Thank you so much Michele. It is sad for those of us who watch and pray. It humbles me to watch these people as they struggle. And yet in all their struggles they are the ones witnessing to those around them. Like I said…..they make me stand in awe of their faith.

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  3. elizabeth kay booth says:

    I’m very sorry about all the bad news. Even though you have hope, and you know this life is not the end, it is so hard and painful to deal with these kinds of things. Those things do hurt in this life, even as we hold onto hope. ❤


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