Points of View


Steam rising from the river

Yesterday did not go quite as planned….at least as I had planned. I had planned to rake leaves. And I had planned to do some more last minute Fall outdoor things.

When I woke up yesterday I noticed the gleaming sheen of ice on our porch. There were a few flakes drifting around and I still thought I would be able to rake the thick coating of leaves off the grass in our front yard…..later in the day.

As the morning wore on, the wind started to howl, the snow came down thicker and I realized that lawn raking was not going to be happening. My husband informed me that I could still rake if I wanted to. I assured him that raking a leaf/snow mix was a bad idea.

I had let the girls out in the morning and saw that they were safely tucked into the small shed where they love to dust bath. I vaguely wondered if they would figure out to go in once night came around or if they would not want to walk on fresh fallen snow.

Come about 5:00 in the afternoon I had the answer to my wonderings. When it came time to lock the girls in for the night I was missing five Rhode Island Reds. I went to the house and got a flashlight and trudged back.

Under the non-working pickup in the shed, there were the five birds. Back to the house I went and grabbed a broom. Using the broom I started tapping on the pickup….loudly…and then swinging it around underneath to encourage those girls to make the journey to the coop.  It worked for two of them.


Enjoying the day after the snow

The last three decided to make life difficult. I would go one way around that vehicle and they would run the other. It didn’t take long and they had wedged themselves behind a large panel of wood.

I would say I was exasperated, but it was way beyond that.  I was to the stage of muttering under my breath about chicken soup tasting good….drumsticks and name-calling. For a space of time, I was starting to think I should be riding that broom instead of using it to try herd chickens.

Fortunately my husband came home and with the aid of a fishing net; the three birds were nabbed and safely installed in the coop for the night. It was too late for me to make it to my Bible Study group…which was a sad thing because I really really needed to go to Bible Study after the chicken chasing event.

I have a feeling those last three girls were scared of something they did not know. The first snow of the season left them feeling uneasy and out of their comfort zone. They did not want to walk on something that was not familiar.

I get that feeling….I don’t like being out of my comfort zone either!  I also do not like taking a path that feels different. It is too scary and you never know what you will encounter when you are asked to go through things that are not the same as before.

It would probably do me good to remember that, when I am asked by my Creator to do something different; it is for my own good when I am herded to the coop…it might be for my safety that I am asked to walk unfamiliar paths. I wonder how many times I am the one upside down in a fish net, squawking up a storm?


Beauty in the Morning

I also have the feeling those chickens have no idea how beautiful the morning after a snowfall can be.

The fog rising off the river….the trees decked in sparkling ice….and the hush that comes with a small layer of snow.

They cannot appreciate the crunch of icy pellets underfoot and the cold air as it makes your fingers tingle.

This morning was a good morning. I made no plans dependent on weather. The girls were once again enjoying being outdoors. The trees were beautiful. The leaves just might stay where they are, till they disintegrate next spring, and it is all good.

I will try not to squawk to much when guided down unfamiliar paths. I will, instead, try enjoy the view set before me….even though it may be different than I had planned.


“There is a sense of danger in leaving what you know,
even if what you know isn’t much.
― John William Tuohy

26 thoughts on “Points of View

  1. Lisa@LismorePaper says:

    Change is scary, unknown. You are right, its best to trust in our faith. Love seeing the girls and the beauty of the changing season. I have a feeling my leaves will be gathered in the spring since we have snow akready, too. Such a beautiful post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. peggyjoan42 says:

    Sorry, but I had to laugh Faye. Takes me back to the days when we had chickens. My daughter has days like this with her chickens. Love your photo, but I am sure you were not ready for the winter wonderland yet.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Al says:

    Kinda funny, Faye. I’ve got this visual of you running around after those hens. In spite of it all, you ended up with a frame worthy photo. Beautiful!

    In a way, you actually did a bible study. (Hosea 7:12)

    Liked by 1 person

    • thechickengrandma says:

      It probably did look funny! This is an old run down shed where odds and ends seem to end up. Trying to dodge all the stuff and get those chickens out of there was a challenge.
      I have read Hosea but never really let that verse sink in. I have a feeling every time we use that fishing net I am going to have that verse come to mind! Thank you so much for that observation….it was spot on.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. rabbitpatchdiary.com says:

    Unless you have chased a chicken, you couldn’t possibly understand this fully. Bless you dear! I have a lot of chicken stories myself-and they are every one funny . . .after the fact. You really did a good job talking about the ;fear factor” for us too. The quote, as usual was perfect. You were the first person thought of when i heard the forecast. Stay warm and enjoy the wonder of it. love Michele

    Liked by 1 person

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