Small Beginnings


Last fall we planted a quaking aspen tree in the back yard. I wanted an aspen tree because I love the sound of those leaves dancing in the wind in the summertime. My nephew found a tree for me that was less than perfect so it was a bargain.

We did not care about perfection when it came to a tree as I think there is a lot of beauty in imperfect things. For me that tree was perfect!Β  When we planted the tree, we saw there were a lot of little shoots coming from the root ball. Lots of “baby” quaking aspens.

I carefully untangled a couple of those tiny trees from the main root ball and planted them also. I put flags by them so I would not lose them come this spring.

Once the snow had melted and the regular sized quaking aspen started budding out I carefully started to monitor those very tiny twigs. At first I was sure those sticks were dead and had not made it through the winter. (It was a good thing there were flags by them or I would never have found them back!)

Then came the day that they both had very small shoots coming out of them. I still wasn’t sure if these were actually the twigs I had planted….so I watched and waited some more.

Finally there were the tiniest little leaves and I made my husband come take a look. He assured me they were aspens….it was a good day!

Waiting for those little twigs to show signs of life took patience. They were not going to be hurried just to satisfy me and my curiosity. It was a good reminder that all things happen in their appointed time.

I wondered if that is how God feels about me. Does He keep peering at me and marvel that it takes me so long to show any growth? I have a feeling that His patience far exceeds mine when it comes to waiting for results.

It is perhaps a good reminder to show grace and patience to ourselves and to those around us. It is good to remember that we are not all at the same place in our growth and we are all growing at the rate He has planned for us.

We are not perfect but, like my tree, there can be a beauty in that imperfection. We just need the grace to realize we are not the same….and don’t need to be.

May your weekend be filled with grace. May you find contentment in the small things like leaves that rustle and dance in the breeze. And I hope we give ourselves time to bloom when we are supposed to.


is the calm acceptance
that things can happen
in a different order
than the one you have in your mind.”
David G. Allen



36 thoughts on “Small Beginnings

    • thechickengrandma says:

      Those little trees have been the calm for me lately. In the last three weeks we have been to three funerals. Lar’s cousin, his uncle and friends of our who lost a sister. All believers so that is a comfort. Seeing all the new growth and that the seasons are still normal has been a blessing.


  1. peggyjoan42 says:

    Love Aspen trees. Hope you have great success with your imperfect tree. Love the quote – as much as I work on having patience, I often get anxious over things anyway. Was always a person who wanted something done and right now. Now that I am older – I am a little more patient. Wonderful post Faye.

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  2. says:

    I have a hydrangea plant that was a beauty last year. So far not a bit of green. I’m still hopeful that time will change that. I love hydrangeas and they seem to be the hardest for me to keep alive.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I have a hydrangea in our backyard also. It had a couple rough years as the rabbits would eat it to a nub in the wintertime. I put corn tunnels around it and now it is big enough they leave it alone.
      They are so pretty and they are also great when dried.

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      • says:

        I have spent a fortune on them only to have them wither and die during the winter, never to return. Guess what I just bought at the nursery? Two more hydrangeas.

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  3. Margy says:

    All the best on your aspens! They are a delightful tree to listen to.

    We have several groves of them on our property, as do the neighbours on either side of us. The only problem we have with them is the leaf roller caterpillar. Not much we can do about that with so many trees!

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  4. Al says:

    I am a walking, talking example of that imperfection of which you speak. Fortunately for me, those around me also possess the patience of which you also speak.

    On this Memorial Day, I think the closest to perfection are those who went forth in battle for a cause greater than themselves to, as Lincoln put it, “give their last full measure of devotion.” May we never forget.

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  5. Timelesslady says:

    I agree…the small things in nature, the touch of a breeze, a plant or tree coming to life, these remind me of the Father in Heaven. What joy to have those babies live through the winter.

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