Yes….I realize Father’s Day is over and that I missed it by one day. But I kind of feel like we should maybe celebrate dads more than just one day…at least the good ones.

I decided I would give a quick shout out to the dads in my life. My dad was a great example of what a dad and husband should be like. Once he became a grandpa he excelled at that job also. His grandkids love him dearly. He taught me what men should act like and how men should treat others…with respect and integrity. It never mattered to my dad (and still doesn’t) what someone possesed or what someone looked like….you treated them all with respect.

Because of my dad; I knew what to look for in husband material. My farmer husband was and is a great dad. He attended his son’s events…from cross country races, to band and music concerts, to programs at school and church and everything in between. He taught our sons how to hunt, how to treat others fairly and how to generally grow up to be men of character.

This man I call husband, might not be perfect (okay….he isn’t, but neither am I so it works out well) but he is perfect for me and perfect for our family. He also has jumped into the role of Grandpa and has excelled at it.

We have three sons who have become dads. Our middle son just celebrated his first Father’s Day this year. It has been a blessing watching these three men with their children. They are dads who are “hands on”….They change diapers, take their kids to parks, take them to taekwando lessons, attend programs, take time off work to tend sick kids and so many other “dad” tasks.

They are men who climb 14ers in Colorado, run marathons, fix motorcycles, love fishing and boating and build legos but still have time for those who are important in their lives.

It has been a joy to watch those three boys in the photo turn into men of integrity and men who love their families. I can only hope they realize what they mean to me. I can only hope all those dads in my life know what they mean to me. My life has been richer for knowing these dads. I am thinking I should probably tell them to make sure they know this fact!

My hope is that you have all been blessed knowing at least one good “dad” in your life. If you haven’t…rest assured there are good dads out there…..and if you have sons….you get the chance to raise them to be good dads.

“I believe that what we become
depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments,
when they aren’t trying to teach us.
We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.”
― Umberto Eco

22 thoughts on “Dads

  1. tinaor says:

    What a lovely blog post. Dads do come in all shapes and sizes. My own ‘dad’ was actually my ‘stepdad’ (didn’t know my actual dad}. He took on my mum and us three kids when I was just 4 years old. I have great memories of having fun as a family, watching him be affectionate to my mum, very practical (not always successful with projects, but he gave most things a go, often ending up with things in a worse state!), generally just being ‘there’ for us all. My favourite memory though is him guiding me from the family home to the church when I got married, almost dragging me down the aisle as I was all tears (happiness not horror) and giving me away. I don’t think I ever told him how much he really meant to me. Father’s Day was a good day to try and say ‘thanks for being my dad’, though as a teenager it was often begrudgingly said as we had to stay home and be nice to him – teenagers, hey!

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  2. says:

    Great post. I love seeing your words of inspiration again. Too far and in between though. Hope you are well and the chickens are behaving themselves.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      It is such a blessing to see that my sons are good husbands and dads. I know my husband and I were not always the best parents but we did the best we could and I am grateful that our children seem to have taken the best and run with it.


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