Pretty as a Postcard

We woke up, this morning, to a world encased in white. The trees hung heavy with the snow that had fallen during the night and a beautiful layer of glistening white coated everything in sight.

I went to let the chickens out of their coop, but soon realized I would have to shovel some trails this morning so they would not have to walk through snow that was too deep for them.

They cheered me on in the shoveling process….at least I choose to take their chatter as cheering and not complaining that I was taking to long!

It took a bit of doing to shovel, as the snow was a heavy snow. I told my husband that it was great snow for making snowmen and it was too bad the grandkids were not around. Maybe we should have just gone ahead and made one ourselves.

I am not totally sure how much snow we received, but it was very welcome this year. After the dry spring, summer and fall that we had, any moisture is great to see.

After letting the girls out, I spent some time just standing out in the cold, marveling at the beauty that came from that layer of snow. The sky was still gray and hazy….a wintry gray that is pretty in it’s own way.

I love the fact that each season has it’s own beauty…it’s own stamp on our world. There is a child like wonder that comes with a snowfall. The brown grass of fall and the leafless trees are decked in an entire new wardrobe. Buildings take on a magical look….like something out of a snow globe.

The first snowfall is a gentle reminder that slowing down to just stand and marvel is a wonderful thing to do. It is a reminder that the simple things in life are truly a gift. It reminds me to look around and remember what is truly important in this life….faith, family, friends….relationships.

May you be blessed with a “snowfall” that lets you slow down in the busyness of this season!

“When I no longer thrill
to the first snowfall of the season,
I’ll know I am growing old.”
Lady Bird Johnson

24 thoughts on “Pretty as a Postcard

  1. Anne Mehrling says:

    I enjoyed reading about your first snowfall of the season. We haven’t had any yet.

    I never thought about having to shovel snow for chickens. It was fun and good exercise to shovel the driveway in NY, but snow doesn’t last long enough here to need shoveling.

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  2. Maureen Helen says:

    Beautiful photo, Faye, and I loved reading about your first snowfall of the season. I’m sad to say that I’ve never seen snow. Although I’ve been to Europe several times, it has always been in spring or autumn, and my visits to other (southern) Australian States has never co-incided with snow, either.

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  3. bcparkison says:

    I’m sure the girls were singing your praise. The photo is really pretty and yes I too love the beauty of first snow fall. Just don’t linger too lone…We aren’t prepared here in the South for a long period.

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  4. ruthsoaper says:

    Our chickens won’t come out of the coop until someone shovels – they really hate walking in snow. We are also hoping for a LOT of snow this winter. We really need the ground moisture. So far we have only had small amounts (not enough to shovel) a couple times. Your picture looks very peaceful.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Our chickens will not come out either. Even when I shovel a path they try flying over it and usually end up in a snowbank till I fish them out. YES!! A lot of snow is what we are hoping for also. We had a very small bit of snow before this but this one was between 5-6 inches so a nice amount.

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  5. peggy says:

    Such a beautiful photo Faye. I love the first snowfall – it turns the world into quiet beauty and looks so lovely. We don’t have a lot of snow here, but when it does fall it makes the world look so clean and fresh. A lovely post Faye – miss your blogging andd am so glad to hear from you now and then. I know your chickens appreciated your shoveling. Ha Ha

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Thank you so much Peggy. Last year we did not get much snow either. We are hoping for more this year and that it breaks the drought cycle we have been in. We have also been having fog which makes for beautiful mornings with trees and fences and buildings full of hoarfrost.

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      • peggy says:

        Our drought this year has been eliminated by rain all through November and into December. Hope you get the moisture you need in Iowa. We use to get hoarfrost here, but have not seen it for years. We are getting a lot of fog lately. Happy Holidays to you and yours Faye. 😊❤️

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