Iowa Blessings

Today was the day we finally got ourselves dug out from the last round of snowstorms. It would have been yesterday but the tractor did not wish to cooperate at all.

After a summer of very little rain, it seems we can once again get some form of precipitation. The schools in the area are hoping to get back to classes tomorrow after having a longer than expected Christmas break. I suspect the kids and teachers are ready to be back…maybe not quite as ready as the parents?

Snow is a lot of work, but there is a unique beauty about the pristine whiteness of a new snowfall. It is kind of fun to see the yard before anyone has disturbed that beautiful blanket of white. The muffled quiet and the muted stillness of a world that has had to slow down to the pace of nature is a wonder to be enjoyed.

Life slows down after a snowfall. Things don’t seem as urgent…projects that have been put aside, once again get taken out to be worked on. It is the best time to work on craft projects that have gotten shoved aside for the holidays.

It is a forced slowdown when you live on a gravel road. You really can’t get anywhere until the county has come down your road to give you access to the main roads and sometimes that is kind of a blessing. Appointments get rescheduled and suddenly your day is open to catch up on all the things you always wanted to have time to do.

I do have to admit….I don’t get to those things as fast as I maybe should…I, perhaps, spend to much time enjoying the beauty of the snow before it gets disturbed by the road crew and the tractor that clears the yard. And I am okay with that….sometimes it is good to just be still and take it all in. It is good to enjoy the gift of the day that God has given.

My prayer is that you too get a “slow” day. A day that you are able to sit and enjoy…a day to watch the birds, to see the sun glitter off the new fallen snow and a day to just “be still and know” Psalm 46:10.

To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake
it is necessary to stand out in the cold

35 thoughts on “Iowa Blessings

  1. peggy says:

    Looking at a landscape with new fallen snow, where no one has yet disturbed it’s beauty, is a joy. It is a time to pause and take in the beauty God created. A lovely post Faye. We have not had snow in our area of Arkansas except a few flying flakes. Our snow usually happens in February – if we get any.

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  2. says:

    We are digging out too, with the help of family and friends. This past year has taken its toll on my husband and me physically. We thought growing old together was going to be fun, but have been dealing with health issues. God is consistent still and provides what we need when we need it. I love the image on this post. A very serene setting!

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  3. Ray V. says:

    Happy New Year, Faye.
    We don’t get much snow in SC, but I recall that when we lived in the Pocono Mts of Northeast PA, the thing I remember most (and miss) is how quiet it is after a snowfall. Thank you for painting a beautiful picture with words.

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  4. 'Amusives' by Margy says:

    My husband looked at your photo and mumbled something about how you should buy a reliable ‘green’ tractor…
    Our Alberta house is on a school bus route and not too far from town – it gets plowed quickly! It doesn’t seem to matter when we head south to Arizona, we always have a few months of snow to enjoy (or contend) with!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Bwhahahaha Margy!! I read your husband’s comment to my husband and he just grinned. His comment was that at some point he hopes to buy a green tractor…an Oliver (it is one his dad owned in the past). My dad is also a “green” tractor guy but the husband is a die hard “red” tractor guy.


  5. ruthsoaper says:

    We are still waiting for that big, beautiful snow. The few inches that we got with the cold spell before Christmas blew around so much that there was still a lot of bare ground and trees, and rooftops were still naked. There were mostly just drifts piled up against buildings and structures. Then it warmed up again and it all melted. I know clean up would be a lot of work but I’m still hoping for that big one.

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      • ruthsoaper says:

        I always loved snow days. When I was a kid that day off was exciting and as a mom it meant not having to drive the kids to school When I was still working I would take the day off to be home with the kids. Now that they are grown I tend to worry about if they are out driving in it. Then I say a prayer and put them in God’s hands – I know that’s the best place for them.

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  6. Al says:

    Your recent photos of snowfalls are both picturesque and serene. I can almost hear the crackling underfoot while walking as the temperatures drop and the snow becomes brittle. In the quiet of the country, it’s a sound like no other. As an upstate New York boy originally, I do miss that first heavy snowfall for its beauty. As for the cleanup afterward….not!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      It has gotten pretty “crunchy” out there already as our temps dipped below zero again last night. I don’t mind shoveling some trails to my chicken coop once or twice in the season but I suspect this season it is going to be a lot more work if it keeps going this way. This last snow we had was more horizontal than picturesque LOL.
      I have never been to upstate New York but the photos I have seen are beautiful.

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