Winter Temper Tantrum

Yesterday, winter decided to throw a full blown temper tantrum. The wind howled, the snow blew sideways and life in this area kind of shut down while we all hunkered down.

I kind of laughed when I saw friends who posted on Facebook yesterday. It seemed that there was a lot of baking going on. I know I did the same, but my purpose was two fold. I liked the fact that we ended up with chocolate cake, pumpkin pie and banana bread, but I really liked the fact that having the oven going also warmed up the kitchen.

The chickens did not get outside at all yesterday and to feed them I needed to scoop through a snowdrift that was up to my shoulders. This morning when I went out I had to re-shovel that same path. I also wanted them to get out because the sun was actually shining and I knew the wind was going to die down a bit.

I went back to the house to tell my husband that I really needed his help to shovel through a snowdrift that had filled in the trail the girls used to go outside. He first thought I was stretching it when I told him it was just too tall for me to deal with alone.

He did come outside with me, armed with a scoop, and as he rounded the corner of the garage, he just started to laugh. He decided I had not stretched the truth at all. We spent time shoveling a drift; that was as tall as me and did some laughing as we did. I do have to say that shared shoveling is a lot funner and goes a lot faster than doing that job alone!

In the photo I shared, I will tell you that somewhere under that drift was a trail before this last blizzard. I am happy to report, that with help…there is a path once again.

My husband decided it probably looks a bit like the Grand Canyon to the chickens. They were pretty leery about walking through but eventually decided it was worth it.

Life can be like that….when something unfamiliar comes along we are leery and sometimes need to be encouraged by those we trust.

I am praying you are encouraged by those around you. I pray that you are blessed by the people who weather life’s storms with you and that you are a blessing to them as well.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”
– Ryunosuke Satoro