Chicken Wonderings

Chicken Grandma meets the Big Chicken.jpg

Every once in awhile a person spots something that just leaves them wanting to see it again. Usually this is the type of thing that just captures your fancy and makes you grin. It is always something that makes you take a step back and just say “wow”.

A while back my husband and I took a side street in a town about 20 miles away. We were on our way to the grocery store and thought this route would be quicker. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted something so amazing that I knew I would need to see it again.  I also knew I would need to have my picture taken with it.

That something, was the biggest chicken I have ever laid eyes on! It was huge and it was impressive. It left me wondering just who owns such a bird?  It also left me wondering what kind of person owns such a bird? And then the next question is “where does one go to get such a bird?”

Part of me thinks this is really great and how cool it would be to have a chicken of this size to greet people as they drove on our yard. (I am picturing my husband doing an eye-roll when he reads this!) Wouldn’t it be fun to see the different reactions people would have when they encountered a chicken of this size standing proud and tall…..really tall, at the end of the driveway? I can easily see family photos with the chicken and putting them on Christmas cards.

Another part of me wonders about the history of this chicken.  Did it start out by some restaurant?  Did this huge metal beauty grace the front yard of a large poultry producer? Did some chicken grandma purchase him and bring him home only to find chicken grandpa wasn’t as impressed with her purchase? Was this wonderful specimen of chickanry (I really have no idea if this is a word….but I do kind of like how it sounds.) banned from his former residence and brought here?  How in the world did this wondrous metal chicken end up here?

Unfortunately I don’t think I am going to know the answers to my burning questions. At least not tonight I won’t.  I may have to do some digging to find out some of the answers to my wonderings. For now I will just have to content myself with the pictures of this stunning bird. He is a really happy-looking, large metal chicken!

It is probably just as well I do not personally own this big metal rooster. It would probably be intimidating to my “girls”. I wonder if it would prompt them to lay more eggs just to compensate or if it would scare them into less egg laying? Another mystery that  will never be solved…….

Money can’t buy happiness;
but it can buy chickens……
and that’s sort of the same thing.


The Happiness Tag


I have been chosen by the wonderful funny Mrs Cobbs to participate in the Happiness Tag. I have found out this means I need to share 5 things which make me happy. I am not quite sure how I am supposed to hold this down to only 5 things…..

While I am thinking of which 5 things I want to share with you; I invite you to go over to thecobwebemporium and have a great time meeting  my friend, Mrs. Cobbs. I guarantee you are in for a treat!

The last few days have been spent pondering what five things I would place on the list of things that make me happy.  Top on the list would have to be people. For me family is huge. I love nothing more than to have all my family in the same place at the same time. This can be any location……just so the bunch is together. There are also friends who are as close as family. These are the people who know me, know my flaws and still want to hang out with me anyway! You just gotta love those kind of people like they are family.

Another thing that makes me happy is sitting on our porch on a cool fall morning, drinking my cup of tea while my husband enjoys his morning cup of coffee. This morning as we sat there we could see our breath every time we took a swallow from our mugs. We also had the fun of watching a pair of deer playing in a large grassy area.  They reminded me of pups chasing each other in circles.

I am finding that gardening and preserving food also makes me happy. I am not sure if this is more of a contented feeling but it does translate into happiness when I see the shelves filling with produce. Seeing all those full jars makes all the hoeing weeds, swatting bugs and sore muscles worth while. There is just something so fulfilling about growing and preserving your own food and feeding your family with that same food.

Another satisfyingly happy thing is when Bible study season once again comes around. I get to hang out with women I don’t normally hang out with. We usually do a Beth Moore series each season. It is so rewarding to see someone else’s point of view and how they answered certain questions. I have learned so much from the different Beth Moore series and from the women who study with me.

I love when my husband decides we need to take a road trip. One of the funnest (is that actually a word?) road trips we have ever taken was only a day long. We went someplace in Minnesota to pick up a pair of tractor fenders that he had purchased on craigslist. We left early in the morning, packed our lemon sandwich crème cookies (these are a staple for traveling), and headed north. It was an incredibly hot day and the air conditioner did not work in our car. We made stops on the way home at little antique shops, Wal-Marts (to cool off), and anyplace else that looked interesting. We still laugh about how crazy hot it was but also how crazy fun it was.

So there we are: people, morning tea on the porch, gardening and preserving, Bible study and road trips are some items on my list. I could have included books (nothing like a good Ted Dekker or James Patterson book), crafting (of all kinds-stamping, knitting, crocheting etc.), a good movie, having a tea party with the grandkids, junking with my sister, going to the Lakes, aaaaahhhhhhh the list is really never ending!

I think what I am seeing as I write down my thoughts on what makes me happy is that relationships are what make me the happiest. They are such a blessing.

I now have to ask 5 other bloggers to let us know 5 things that make them happy. I do want them to know that if they are too busy or just would rather not take part that is no problem. There is no pressure because, Hey, I want it to make them happy to participate! I would love to nominate most of the blogs I read because they all make me happy but I am limited to 5.

The following are those I am nominating:

A Quiet and Peaceable Life – The pictures PeggyJoan puts on her blog make me very happy.

The Journey of a Million Miles – MariJo writes so honestly of her relationship with God and those around her.

The Vanilla Tulip – I love how Ashley gives young moms so many great words of advice. I am no longer a young mom (but I am a grandma) and I love how her family and her faith are what keep her centered.

Ruthie’s Crafting Corner – Ruthie has such a variety of things that she includes in her blog you are sure to find something to interest you!

Helberg Farm Stories – The Helberg sisters have a blog that talks about relationships and farming. For me this is a double win!

Just a reminder:  there is no pressure on those nominated to take part but should you choose to; this is what you are asked to do:  Tell your readers 5 things which make you happy.  This can be anything because everyone has a different list of things and that makes this really fun.  You are then asked to keep it going by picking 5 blogs to pass the Happiness Tag to.  You may go ahead and use the Happiness Tag graphic posted at the top as it was made by Mrs. Cobbs and she gave us the go-ahead to use it if we choose. She is good like that!!

Oh…..and one last thing…….have fun!!!!

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
Abraham Lincoln