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You are probably wondering if I misspelled the title of this post.  Nope, I didn’t. It just always seems to come out as one word when you say it.

Did you ever have a week that when it was over you kind of sit and let your brain shut down because it already felt a little mushy?  That pretty much says it all about this past week.  And then it was the weeksend!

It was a very  busy week over here.  We started with grandkids over to visit.   They left to stay with the other set of grandparents, I filled in a couple days for one of the cooks at school, the weather straightened out, the garden got tilled and planted and my husband got to work spraying, disking and putting the soybeans in.

We don’t have that many acres, but it all still takes time.  It seemed  to be a constant busyness of running to town for things like spray, fuel, etc.  Then there was the time spent hooking up things like the sprayer, disk, and planter so each task can be done in the proper order.  It sometimes seems that there is always something that needs to be welded or fixed before you can actually get to doing the fieldwork.

My job in all of this is to help hook up various things.  It saves some time if I can run around with the hitch pins as my husband does not have to hop off and on tractors.  My other job in all of this is to help put the correct size sprocket in the planter so that we will plant the correct population of seeds.  (I keep wanting to call them planter plates – that may or may not show my age!) I also get to drive around the section to either pick my husband up or drop him off.

It is an exciting time of year and also crucial.  It seems we are always praying about the weather –  “Please let the rain hold off so the crop can get in” to “Okay the crop is in now, please let it rain”.

I can happily report – our planting is done. Then the next phase starts. It becomes time to clean up the tractors that were used and the equipment. Everything gets a good pressure washing before it gets put back in the machine shed.


Cleaning the Tractor

Putting equipment back in the shed is rather like fixing a giant jigsaw puzzle with a place for everything. I am convinced a machine shed is never quite big enough.

It feels so good to be able to sit at the weeksend and look back on everything that got accomplished the past week. It also feels good to get back on a regular schedule and caught up on the “normal” things of daily living.

“No one ever says,
I sure wish I had made
my machine shed smaller.”
Luke K.



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