Winter’s Gift


Winter is holding our area firmly in it’s grip this last while. The temperatures seem to cling to nearer zero than anything else. The nights quickly become bitter and even the glow of the moon seems cold and forbidding.

Nights like this make me long for those evenings spent sitting on the porch watching the daylight leave and fireflies come out to dance under the light of a warm summer moon. The first seed catalog did come in the mail the other day so I know, in my head, that spring is drawing closer.

The upside to these cold days is the fact it gives us time to work on projects that should get finished before the balmy, busy days of spring.  While organizing my craft cupboards, I have discovered many projects that have been started over the years and never quite finished. I know when the weather warms I will not want to be in the house… now, is the time to get to work finishing some of them.

It also gives me time to work on things that I have wanted (or should I say need) to finish in our home. Things like woodwork, repainting the hallway and multiple little things that don’t take long, but never seem to get done. Maybe if I look at these chilly days as opportunities the days won’t seem so cold?

These days are a gift in a way. A gift of time to catch up on things left undone and forgotten.  I must confess I had been neglecting my Bible study. was a gift to spend time by the woodstove and get back to it. I am never quite sure why something that is such a blessing seems like such hard work?

It is also a gift at day’s end to stand outside in the cold, brittle air and marvel at the stark white moon shining through the clouds. My husband invited me outside last night to enjoy the view with him.

There is something beautiful in the quiet that is night in the wintertime. There are no leaves rustling in the breeze. No crickets chirping in the fields and no frogs singing in the gully. There is just the cold moon shining down on the still landscape……and it is wonderful in it’s own way.


“Cold hearted orb that rules the night,
Removes the colours from our sight.
Red is grey and yellow white.
But we decide which is right.
And which is an illusion?”
Moody Blues
~Late Lament




39 thoughts on “Winter’s Gift

  1. susieshy45 says:

    I was imagining you standing with a cup of hot cocoa with your husband enjoying the moon lit night. Isn’t it wonderful how the moon doesn’t forget to turn up even on a cold day to shine on us ?
    I understand how Bible reading can get put on the back burner. This happens to me a lot but I am trying. I read my Bible reading for the day on the computer because it seems so much easier but it does not give me the old fashioned thrill of having the Holy Book in hand and turning the pages to read- the experience is different.
    In a world where all colors look almost the same, and the sounds are still, and there is nothing to point the way, I guess the best way is to go with our gut instinct and pray about it- the answer will come.

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  2. retirizer says:

    We too are stuck firmly in winter’s grasp. I love the beauty that the crispness gives to the scenery. I stepped outside for a few seconds last night to see the moon. It was -5F. And I didn’t take the time to dress for it, but it was so bright out at midnight that I had to take a peek and a peek was all I could take at that temp. Amazing!

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  3. peggyjoan42 says:

    I think winter is God’s way of giving us a much needed rest. I know when garden season comes – a person is busy constantly. When we pick blueberries it takes a month to finish that chore. Which I enjoy, because I pick and eat. Lol

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  4. Anne Mehrling says:

    I sat here simply enjoying every word of this post. How calm and peaceful, despite your talk of finishing projects! I could almost feel the warmth of your fire. And to be invited out to see the moon! That speaks volumes. If I could make this tiny print even smaller for my last statement, I would. I love winter.

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  5. bcparkison says:

    I know it is out there but clouds and overcast have kept it from our pleasure. The moon that is. In my younger days I loved the cold and winter. Of course growing up in the South we don’t have the same experience with winter you guys have. Snow here might last a day or two and the temps will dip but come back ,almost to summer , pretty quickly. Now…with age I’m not so sure I enjoy the cold. Burrr.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      It has been gray and cloudy here also. I think that is why my husband was so impressed when the clouds broke and there was the moon.
      We do find the older we get the colder we seem to get! It was good to see the moon and also good to get back in the warm house.

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  6. Deb says:

    I love how you always find the positive in everything! You almost make me long for a bitterly cold winter day! I did say almost. But you are right, winter does give us the opportunity to catch up on indoor things. It was cold and blustery here over the weekend and I stepped out to fill the birdfeeder and took pleasure in how the cold chill made me feel refreshed, so I understand what you were feeling when you stepped out into the night cold. Another inspiring post Faye!! 🙂

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      • Deb says:

        Agreed on back in the warm house!! Without the cold we wouldn’t appreciate the warmth as much…but I don’t know, do we really need to appreciate the warmth?? 😉 Can we just expect it everyday? hee hee

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  7. PaperPuff says:

    I love that silence that snow brings. I hate having to leave the fireside when it is so cold though! Sorry I missed this post but I have two separate problems with the Reader, depending on whether I am using pc or Kindle. They both miss out hours of posts, but different hours! Arrgh!!

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      • PaperPuff says:

        I have one version on my Kindle, which regularly shows posts from the last few hours, then jumps to those like about 18 hours ago. The pc version is now also playing up and goes back a certain amount of hours, then the whole screen is just filled with greyed-out boxes! So I am resolved to checking my best pals individually now….but it takes a lot longer!

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  8. marijo1245 says:

    What beauty you weave into the stillness of your words!! There is a quiet hush to winter and a silence that beckons us to Him!!

    I’ve been playing catch up inside these last 2 days. Prior to that I saw days in the 70°. A hope of spring to come…it was nice to wear my shorts in January!

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      • marijo1245 says:

        The weather people all predicted doom and gloom (as told to me by others because I haven’t turned on the TV in quite a while). However, it’s just too warm where I am to freeze. Just now, it finally started to rain (much needed as the lake is beyond low). It’s 36° and not expected to drop. So my little neck of the woods is safe!

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      • marijo1245 says:

        In thinking of ice storms, I realized that I have enough supplies to get me through no electricity for a very long time! I was prepared without knowing I was prepared!!

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