Learning New Things


The old saying “You can’t teach and old dog new tricks” is not necessarily true. I am fast discovering that fact. Approximately one week ago I joined (as my kids would say) the current century…..I am now the owner/user of a cell phone.

My husband and I have never had a cell phone. We relied totally on our land line and our laptop computer for people contacting us. Our children would often nag question us as to when we were going to get a cell phone so they could get hold of us when they wanted and to know where we were.

The response my husband always gave went something like this, “Well….you don’t have to know everything.” He was quite content with his landline. It did not bother him at all to be on the road and have family wonder exactly where we were. Our daughter-in-law likened us to a UPS package. We would check in when we stopped somewhere that had WiFi …….and it kind of was like tracking a package!

I knew I would be going to my kids, four hours away this past week to take care of my grand-kids, as the babysitter was not available and school had not yet started. This was going to be my first solo trip to our kids and I was pretty adamant that I would have a cell phone with me, should I run into any trouble along the way.

I also wanted the comfort of that “google map lady” telling me where to go when I got into the city. I did discover that if you don’t know how to make the “google map lady” work properly she is not much help! (It also does not help to talk back to her as she just keeps on telling you the same thing…..speaking loudly to her doesn’t help either.)

The phone was pretty handy to check in with people and I think I have the texting down pat…..sort of.  It was kind of funny how impressed people were with the fact that I had totally skipped the flip phone phase and headed right for the smartphone.

My husband informed me that I was not a “very serious cell phone person”. He was commenting on the phone case that I had purchased from Amazon. I told him I may as well have some fun with it!

My granddaughter, who is 3, amazed me this week. She was looking at the pictures on my phone and then informed me that she had taken some pictures with it….and indeed she had! I decided then and there, if I had any questions about what my phone can do…I would definitely ask a child.  They just seem to ooze technology and it’s mysteries.

I discovered this past week that one is never too old to learn something new….if you want to. I made my solitary trip to the kids and I am learning how to operate a smart phone. It is kind of fun to do the new things! If I can figure these things out, I am confident that anyone can!

I am so grateful for my kids who are always so willing to answer any question…no matter how stupid it might sound. (They will laugh to my face…at least my sons will, but they will answer the question. It is usually safer to ask my daughter-in-laws as they don’t laugh…at least not to my face.)

In the past I have not wanted to try something new for fear of failure. I still hate to fail because I hate to look stupid. I don’t know why I worry about looking stupid…… I sometimes feel I have perfected that as an art form!

Sometimes you just have to get past that fear and go for it. I have found, that in this case, the learning of something new is kind of fun. When you get past that fear of ailure and looking dumb, life gets to be a grand adventure.

May your weekend be filled with adventure the learning of new things. What is the “something new” that you are learning?



We’re scared to death to try new things
because we think we have to get it right the first time.
Joel Salatin

Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/j/joelsalati708026.html?src=t_new_things

You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner,
the whole world opens up to you.
Barbara Sher

Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/b/barbarashe173969.html?src=t_new_things





33 thoughts on “Learning New Things

  1. bcparkison says:

    Yea!! You might have to come here and teach me. Mine is driving me crazy ,but it might be me and not the phone. But life really was easier when the phone was on the wall and we didn’t have to carry it around. Good luck dear Chicken !

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  2. Anne Mehrling says:

    We bought our first phones three years ago. I really enjoyed learning about it, John not so much. He has now progressed to texting me when he reaches his destination. What a relief! I hope you enjoy this new experience.

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  3. thecobweboriumemporium says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Chicken! Welcome to cell phone central. lol
    You will now find that you are called at the most inappropriate moments. Just about to pay for your groceries …. the phone will ring.
    Talking to an old friend you haven’t seen for months …. the phone will ring.
    Sitting in Church … everyone will know you forgot to turn off your phone….and now you can’t remember how to do it either!
    Using the loo while you’re out. The phone will ring just as you begin to squat.
    You name it – your phone will ring.

    Eventually … you’ll start to ‘forget’ to take the darn thing with you.
    Ad THAT’S the bit which is so so wonderful. lol

    Sending love and good wishes for your new phone
    and of course … squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I have already decided the phone will NOT go into church with me….I just know I would forget to turn it off…because that is just how I am. You are right Cobs….I would panic and then forget how to even accomplish that task. Too much stress so it will not go in with me.
      Yes ….. I think I will “forget” to take it with me at times. My kids might grouch about that….but they are supposed to love me anyway…….

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  4. Deb says:

    Oh I LOVE your case!! Mine is just a plain old black one…I think a pop over to Amazon is in order. Good for you for learning it, I love mine. It can be intimidating at first, but once you discover all the amazing things it can do for you, you’ll love it. I had a flip-phone and always oh I don’t need a smartphone…wrong!!! And I ask google all the time any question that comes to mind…seriously. So glad you had a safe trip back and forth too. The new thing that I am learning is how to play the piano….traded in the guitar for my true love…piano. I’ve always wanted one and now I have one. I bought a digital piano and it’s really cool. I am teaching myself via YouTube right now. If I feel more human intervention is needed the store I bought the piano from offers lessons…but so far so good. I know a little bit, but not chords and scales and major and minors…see I’m learning terminology really well!! Enjoy your phone Faye…hey you can FaceTime or whatever it’s called in Android world with your kids now when you talk to them. I have an android and while your on the phone one of the options is camera, that’s how you get it to work…just ask your three-year old granddaughter…she’ll show you…hehe How cute is she!! 🙂

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I have now learned something new….face time. Yes I will have to ask the 3 year old!
      I am impressed about you teaching yourself piano. My son is learning french online. I have a guitar that I never learned to play well….maybe I will have to check you tube.

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      • Deb says:

        Yes what that is, is you turn on the phone’s camera and the person you are talking with does too, and then you can see each other while speaking. Sometimes this isn’t always a good thing…given what time of day it might be…hehe. But you don’t have to turn it on. FaceTime is the term when you have an IPhone, but that’s what everyone (well me) calls it for both types of phones.
        Oh yes, there are lots of lessons on YouTube, hey you can even check it on your phone now!! If you have a Smarttv you can send YouTube from your phone to your tv…it you don’t that will have to be your next purchase. They’re awesome too!! Now get on with those guitar lessons!!

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      • thechickengrandma says:

        LOL Deb!!
        I purchased my guitar back when I hit 40….I think it might have been my mid life crisis hahahahaha. I dabbled, learned a few chords, and then got busy and let it go….might have to go check out those you tube videos….
        Oh…I forgot to tell you….my phone case …. I just typed in my phone type and hit search. All kinds of fun stuff to choose from!


  5. Mrs P says:

    I’m not a great cell phone user ~ I rarely take it with me, after all I’m from the generation where such devices were not common place, heck I don’t even recognise my own ringtone LOL I do use it as a timer when multi tasking so it does have its uses 🙂

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  6. susieshy45 says:

    We women like to take things lying down. Our husbands are often there to do things for us and then we do things together so we forget we have a small private part of our life which is our own. I learnt crochet when I was 44- it had been a life long ambition. I know I can keep learning even if I am 80.
    Way to go Faye. Glad you got the phone. I sometimes wish I could have phone less days.

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